– feel the ground under your feet instead of running on it –

We’re drifting in a stream of time, gaining speed surrounded by endless opportunities. Miua is chased by the constant fear of missing out and to little awareness. Drowning in the feeling of excessive demand and constant stress Miua meets Jonathan. The missing quiet and peace.

Client: Mercedes-Benz, LG Electronics
Agency: OSK

Director: David Zuschlag
DP: Cedric Schanze
Executive Producer: André Josselin, David Zuschlag
Producer: Tim Schaer

Talents: Sarah Krause, Slavko Popadic

Editor: David Zuschlag
Colorist: Swen Linde (We Fade To Grey)
VFX: Thomas Kaplanek, Thorben Winkler (grown)

Composition & Sound Design: Moritz Staub (Staub-Audio)

Voiceover text: Florian Schreiber
Voiceover talent: Manon Kahle